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TelexFree is Coming to Your Rescue! Just Act Now!

Telexfree coming to the rescue to relieve your homesickness!


Come to meet Telexfree and talk unlimited to cell phones and landlines, in more than 40 countries.

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TelexFree and Help

TelexFree and Help – Self Help that is

Saw an article in the paper today that talked about self help…

and somehow it made me think of TelexFree.

LOL.  I suppose you might think of that as being a stretch for self help….. but why not!

You are helping yourself (and others by the way) establish a new freedom

by posting ads such as the one below.

Sample TelexFree Ad Here:

From US directly to more than 40 countries In the entire world.

Landlines and cell phones Try it out for 1 hour free!

I think FREEDOM is a great word.  A great concept.  And a great help for people to have.

I want FREEDOM.  Do YOU?

Now, while I would love to have people to sign up directly with my link… sometimes…

people don’t always have the funds to start right away.

Thankfully my upline realized that they might be able to help with a solution for that.

So they started with a ‘phone booth’ that allows you to get in line to get your first ad central pack.

And you would be placed in line for the next available spot!  Your cost would be $110 instead of the

normal price of $299 or $289.  Once you receive your ad central pack, it is yours to earn just like normal!  Just click on the Telly here guy on the banner below :)

Now, if you prefer to get started with TelexFree right away, Just click right here to start earning now.

To your success!

Peace and love,




Use TelexFree Instead of Calling Cards!

TelexFree has calls to more than 40 countries landlines & cell phones

Use instead of those international calling cards!

Monthly fee of only US$49.90 Try it now for 1 hour. IT IS FREE

With our $49.90 plan, you can call *free to 40 countries

or use it as a credit of $50.00 to call other countries at a low minimum rate.

Here is a sample of Telexfree rates per minute for countries outside of those 40 countries :

Country           Cell phone     Landline
Argentina          U$ 0,15          U$ 0,03
Bahamas           U$ 0,15          U$ 0,09
Cuba                  U$ 0,90          U$ 0,90
Germany           U$ 0,05          U$ 0,01
Grenada            U$ 0,20          US 0,06
Haiti                   U$ 0,29          U$ 0,29
Italy                   U$ 0,09           U$ 0.01
Peru                  U$ 0,09           U$ 0,01
Portugal            U$ 0,03          U$ 0,01
St. Lucia           U$ 0,21           U$ 0.07

These should be competitive or better than those calling cards sold in the store or online.  (Maybe you can even go to these stores to see if the owners want to get in and make more profit too!

And what makes this better is that YOU CAN MAKE MONEY  on top of saving money when making calls.  What can be better than that?!

Come join me and get started at

To Your Success.

Peace and Love,



Shout It From the Rooftops! TelexFree is Here to Free Us!

Like this TelexFree ad, but love the idea of shouting from the rooftops more!

My only problem with that though is that I am scared of heights.  I’d be hugging something while I was up there! ;)

So here is one of our TelexFree ads in the backoffice.  Simple.  Yes?!

Do not stay quiet! Come to Telexfree, to your freedom to talk on the phone

Try it for 1 hour Free every other day

In all seriousness though.  There are so many here in on the ground floor that almost seem like they are shouting — because they are so excited!  What can be better than being excited about a business that you are in that will pay you whether or not you make a sale?!  And allows weekly withdrawals? (clarifying $300 minimum withdrawal amount at the moment)

I heard at the daily conference this morning that the US already has their first millionaire.  How cool is that?  And with another 23 new millionaire created in the first year of operating in Brazil….you just have to know that there will be many more to come.

The TelexFree ad says Freedom to talk…  I say FREEDOM to enjoy life.  So, catch a conference to hear the latest news and hear and/or see how it works.  Then come join me to start making money online (and offline) at

2:00 PM EST
Mon., Wed. and Thurs.
8:00 PM EST
Or Dial into conference to listen at
pin code 376560#

Not available during those times?  Catch the latest recording at the phone number above and same pin code.

See you at the top!

Peace and Love,



TelexFree Can We Talk?

The future has come! TELEXFREE

Call unlimited to + than 40 countries Landlines and cell phones Free trial for 1 hour.

Yep!  You got it.  Another ready made ad that we can post to ad sites.  What can be easier than that?!

So the banner above is a way to get into Telexfree for less.  Click on it to check it out.

But if you want to start earning right away, then go here

TelexFree Rocking the Internet Work From Home Income Life

TelexFree Rocking the Internet Work From Home Income Life!’s Regional Traffic Ranks – From 2/2/13

Country Rank

United States Flag  United States 14,189  (was unknown in US before November!  Imagine how much higher it will be!)

TelexFree – From US directly to + than 40 countries In the entire world.

Landlines and cell phones Try it out for 1 hour free!

So this is one of the sample ads that we can post to ad sites and have it verified in TelexFree.They try to make it as easy as possible for us to post and make money.  I love that.

There aren’t a lot of online businesses out there that I can say this….  whether or not you make a sale with TelexFree, you still earn money!

And!  There are other ways to earn with TelexFree

Catch the conference to learn more:

TelexFree Has Webinar and Conference Calls – Look Below

TelexFree Webinar and Conference Call Schedule

What is TelexFree?

Listen and watch live!
Monday – Friday
2:00 PM EST
Mon., Wed. and Thurs.  (actually I think it is Monday-Friday now)
8:00 PM EST
Dial into conference at
pin code 376560#

These are recorded and you can hear the latest overview call:
DIAL: 712-432-1085 pin 376560

Or listen to the TelexFree calls in Spanish!

Spanish Calls Monday through Thursday….. 805 399 1000 code 937781 8pm est  Also have 10:30 am wake up calls too!

Watch at

Signup link after webinar then click “Register”

Let earn together!

Peace and Love,


Growing fast. Jump in.

Be a client of the company that grows more in the world. Call for 1 hour free Landlines and cell phones + than 40 countries.

TelexFree Ranked 85 in Brazil AND

TelexFree ranked 85 in Brazil website traffic and it is expected to be the same in the U.S. this year!

TelexFree is growing like crazy for several reasons.  The standard traffic site for visits to websites, is the industry standard for ranking.  It gives you demographics, number of visits to the site, related links if any, reviews, etc.  If you go there, you will see that TelexFree is a real company with real products.

First, TelexFree has a product that many people want.

Second, TelexFree gives you a way to make money.   They give you a choice on whether to earn just a little bit of extra spending money or you can earn more than enough income to retire from work and have freedom live without financial worry, to travel — to enjoy life on your terms.  Isn’t that a great choice?

There are different ways to earn with TelexFree

But there is no way to earn without starting here now

Feel free to look at the conference page and catch a conference or watch the video to learn the basic inner financial parts of the program if you haven’t seen it yet.  Or check out the video page here to see how to post, join, etc.

Then go and join here now.


Maybe you are interested and would love to join us at TelexFree but don’t quite have enough funds to join just yet.

No problem.  My upline just found a way to help you get started!  Your cost would only be $110 versus the $299.  They are calling it the phone booth.  Once you do that, your joining Telex would be placed on hold (in line) until we are able to get you in.  Once you are in, your ad central package contract is yours to start building!  You place your ads, build up your balance and withdraw!

Just go here to get started with the ENROLLMENT FORM   We will help you get rolling!

Time to start making money and getting our FREEDOM back!

To your Success!

Peace and Love,




Love Telex Talking!

Love TelexFree talking.  Talk! Talk! Talk!

What about talking unlimited to landlines and cell phones?

Liked it! Then, meet Telexfree Try right now a courtesy for 1 hour.